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Strengthening The Core of Your Website ​

You should treat your website as one of your primary promotional assets. It’s how you introduce your brand to new people, keep in touch with current clients, and sell your products and services. That is why it is crucial to invest in reliable website maintenance services.


website support
website maintenance

Website Support Services You Deserve

Behind almost every successful business is a robust, well-designed, and SEO-optimized website that allows you to promote your brand online and acquire new customers. And the last thing most business owners want is for their website to go down unexpectedly, be hacked, or have any other issues. In reality, if your website is down, it can have a significant impact on your ranking on search engine results pages and, as a result, your cash stream. This is where our website support services can help!

We provide comprehensive website support and maintenance services to keep you website secure, efficient, and running properly. We take total care of your website, from content and plugins updates to performance and security optimization. Our website support service and daily backups are intended to provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your website is safe and sound.

Vateko is a professional website support company that manages websites for small and medium-sized businesses. We support the majority of website platforms, including WordPress and Shopify. Our support team is available 7 days a week through email or phone call, and most issues are resolved within a couple of hours. 

Website Support Services We Offer

Bugs Fixing

Want to keep your website relevant? Give us a call, and you will be amazed. We sort all the issues and make your website better, getting your business back on track.

Content Changes

Do you think the content your website has is outdated or needs a quick change? Well, an experienced team of 10+ years knows it better. In-depth insights on the target mass show the way to updates.  


One can only bring about the change or improvements in the website once they have assessed their current situation. And doing that requires expertise; we are equipped with the knowledge and technical assistance to help you out of it.

Website Backups

You have done the hard work. But play it smart this time. Do not let a silly mistake ruin your work. We help you backup your website contents with multiple platforms of your choice specially designed for the purpose.

Core and Plugin Updates

Why would customers visit your website over the one which runs efficiently? We make sure your website is running the latest and the safest version of WordPress. We help you eliminate the vulnerability of failure or attack with updates.

Website Security

We are talking tech here. Can it be absolutely safe? Nope! But do we have a solution to fix security issues? Yes! Our proficient team will lock horns with the threat and keep your website secured day in and day out. 

Database Optimization

We understand that you are updating your website regularly, but it also adds data to your database in volumes. This extensive database needs an impactful optimization so that your website runs super smooth

Uptime Monitoring

Imagine your website is down, and our potential customers are running towards your rival’s website. Be an enthusiastic business person, and keep monitoring your website’s uptime. Oh, we will handle it; you focus on your business!

Web Analytics Report

We will make sure that you are aware of any changes that have been made to your website by providing you with a report on those changes every week. M

WordPress Speed Optimization

Website Speed Optimization

The conversion rate of your visitors is affected by page speed. According to the study, when site speed increased by 0.1 second, conversion rate increased by 8.4%. Optimizing a website’s speed has other benefits, such as a lower bounce rate, a better user experience, and a better SEO ranking.

Your provider service, images, web fonts, JavaScript files, and CSS files can all affect how fast your website loads. With our website support services, we’ll improve your PageSpeed score to make sure your website is fully optimized, fast, and SEO-friendly. We will take care of everything that may have an impact on the performance of your website. Your visitors will be grateful to you for maintaining a website that loads quickly, which will positively impact your income flow.

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